Dr Maurice Gueret’s  first book, What The Doctor Saw, is still available.

It may be ordered by sending a cheque or postal order for €16.99 to IMD Publishing, PO Box 5049, Dublin 6w. Delivery is free to addresses in Ireland. Dr Guéret would be delighted to sign copies or personally dedicate books if requested.

You can also email  info@imd.ie

This title has sold extremely well in major bookshops, chains and independent booksellers across Ireland and some may still have copies. .

The book can also be ordered on Amazon.

Doctor_Cover_Sepia_web800Rude Consultants, Patient Bloopers, Execution by Hanging, Genital Retraction Syndrome, Honest Crisps, The Last Castrato, The Absurdity of Jogging, Men in Gardens, Papal Health, Irish Transsexuals, Medical Senators, Tasers, Quacks, Cryogenics, Sigmund Freud’s Birthday, Dead Snooker Players, Traveller Health, Australian Medical Slang, Health Fascism, the Iveagh Baths and much more. It brings together over one hundred and forty essays including a new piece about his late grandfather, William J. Coyne. Dr Coyne is pictured on the book’s cover, outside his office at the Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum where he was Governor and Chief Psychiatrist. The hospital donkey was Neddy.


Entertaining, amusing, fascinating and interesting – what more could you want in a book?

Gay Byrne, Lyric FM

At last, the Maurice Gueret compendium.  What the Doctor Saw pulls together a collection of writings from Irish medicine’s sharpest, funniest and most incisive writer.

Dr Paul Carson, International Bestselling Author.

A wonderful book to dip into, learn from, and enjoy.

Sue Leonard, Irish Examiner

Arguably the most important (certainly the most entertaining) Irish medical writer of the past decade.

Dr Stephen McWilliams, Irish Medical News

A sharp edge, healthy cynicism and a real love for medicine. Buy this book!

Brendan O’Connor, Broadcaster

Fine collection of ruminations on stuff that concerns us all. The guy can write.

Tom Doorley, Daily Mail

Price €16.99

ISBN 97809955270185

Publishers: IMD, PO Box 5049, Dublin 6w, Ireland.

Queries to info@imd.ie

One response to “WHAT THE DOCTOR SAW

  1. Well done. Have just shared the news with my 3 Irish-American doc friends in USA as well as my son. Look forward to the publication date.

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