The Doctor’s Case is the latest collection of humorous writings and musings from Dr Maurice Guéret. He delves deep into his Gladstone bag to uncover a repository of clinical gems. Dr Guéret ventures out on busman’s holidays to Venice, Paris, Madrid, Florence and Madeira. He ponders whether the varicose veins that run in the legs of his family saved grandfather Guéret’s life during the Great War at Ypres. He examines Roald Dahl’s medical history, odd Popes, Spanish influenza, treatment of haemorrhoids in Lanzarote, dying in Zurich, deceased golfers, nicknames for surgeons, bad breath, medical murderers, famous children of doctors, veterinary malapropisms, romantic hospital fiction and much more. Delivered with his trademark wry and witty style, this superb compilation of writings will delight readers who already love Maurice’s work, and bring plenty of new admirers too.


Order The Doctor’s Case by sending cheque or postal order for €20 (made payable to IMD) to IMD Publishing, PO Box 5049, Dublin 6w. Delivery is free to addresses in Europe. Dr Guéret would be delighted to sign copies or personally dedicate books if requested.

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Superb showcase, a brilliant compilation from a skilful writer with a great wit.

Alexander Fitzgerald, Editor, Irish Tatler Man

While much of this book is highly amusing and all of it very readable, there is an utter, utter seriousness at its heart. Both of Dr Guéret’s books are valuable additions to the medical literature.

Professor Brendan Kelly, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

He has produced a rarity – a second book that is even better than the first. Incisive, observant and humorous without losing any of the essential humanity so prominent in the author’s debut.

Dr Stephen McWilliams, Irish Medical News

Price €20

ISBN 9780992731205

Publishers: IMD, PO Box 5049, Dublin 6w, Ireland.

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