1967 –  Maurice’s 4th Birthday Party

Though he hasn’t worn a dicky bow since 1967, Maurice Guéret still harbours great ambition in Irish medicine.

A proud Dublin flâneur and Trinity College medical graduate, Maurice’s long-running Rude Health column in the Sunday Independent is eagerly awaited by a million hypochondriacs each week. His humorous meanderings and original commentary on materia medica have peculiarly addictive properties. Maurice is a former specialist in general practice and a member of the society of medical writers. He has also written for ImageMedicine Weekly, Irish Medical Times, Irish Medical News and Trinity Medical News. He has compiled the annual  Irish Medical Directory since 1993 and also edits the monthly IMD News. Once a member of the Eastern Regional Health Authority and former chairman of the homeless charity, Trust, his one-time ambition to be minister for health is in remission. He is at his calmest when collecting sea-shells or when his dog takes him for a walk.