1967 –  Maurice’s 4th Birthday Party

Though he hasn’t worn a dicky bow since 1967, Maurice Guéret still harbours great ambition for Irish Medicine.

A proud Dublin flâneur and Trinity medical graduate, his long-running Rude Health column in the Sunday Independent is eagerly awaited by a million hypochondriacs each week. His humorous meanderings and original commentary on materia medica have peculiarly addictive properties. Maurice is a registered specialist in general practice, a member of the society of medical writers and an exemplary promeneur de chien. He was once health columnist at the fashionable  Image magazine and his work has also filled columns of Medicine Weekly, Irish Medical Times, Irish Medical News and Trinity Medical News. A onetime member of the Eastern Regional Health Authority and former chairman of the homeless charity Trust, his ambition to be minister for health is in remission. He collects sea shells, books, wild flowers and the thoughts of patients and fellow doctors.

Maurice’s most recent book is The Doctor’s Case.

His first book was What The Doctor Saw


3 responses to “ABOUT MAURICE

  1. james heffernan

    Hi there, i will make this short and sweet.Iv been meaning to write to for a long time. id just like to say you are a breath of fresh air in your column every week in the indo. Such a change to get someone to be honest with us ordinary people. Hope you have a long and happy life. Keep up the good work. cheers james.

    • Brigit

      I agree James most like minded people like me would love 2 ave Dr Maurice as our mentor,so down 2 earth yet practical as regards all aspects of life,let alone medical matters.

  2. Brigit

    Dr Maurice,love ur deep @ emphatic understanding of residents in Private nursing Homes.Documentation is quickly overtaking the actual care.Where will it all end though?There is an exodus of highly trained staff…..& no wonder? work both mentally n physically 4 the C assistants@ Wages takes it’s toll.Yours sincerely.Brigit.

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